The BUY POLSKA fam trip aims to be a moment and place of work during which the international outgoing/outbound travel agencies and other tours organizers will get known to Krakow and Poland main attractions. During 5-days stay there will be 1 day of a conference and B2B workshop and 3 days of a fam trip in Malopolska Region.

The main aim of the fam trip is to promote Krakow, Malopolska Region and Poland as an important tourism, leisure, MICE, students and pilgrimages destination.

The organizers welcome foreign tour agents and touroperatos, bloggers and journalists, bishops and priests as well as other tourism, leisure, MICE, students and pilgrimages organizers (buyers).

BREAKING NEWS 2020: after the fam trip congress in Krakow we invite you for a 3-days fam trip to Vilnius free of charge.

10-14 November Programme

9 November

Dzień przyjazdu

10 November


11 November


12 November

Wizyta w Auschwitz - Czestochowa

13 November

Wizyta w Wadowice - Wieliczka

14 November

Zwiedzanie Krakowa i odjazdy


Nasz Zespół

Przemysław Gądek

Tomasz Stala

Dagmara Trojan

Karolina Najder

Debora Mirosław

Dominika Najder